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Andrea Morrison is a caring, artistic and detailed clinician. She allayed my fears with her calm and confident approach and explained everything she was doing throughout the process. She was fastidious with her measurements with the creation of a natural looking brow, checking with me frequently to show me what she was doing and getting my approval at every step. The topical anesthesia she used was very effective and I found that my fears departed and gratitude filled my mind. I am so glad I chose Andrea. Her technical experience and artistry exceeded my expectations.


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Andrea is amazing. I had barely any eyebrows left. Went in for micro blading. She did a fabulous job. They look so natural and she really takes her time and makes you feels comfortable. One of the best things I’ve done. I would and will definitely go back to her.
Kendra K

What people say about Andrea

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I’ve been wanting to get microblading for years and couldn’t find anyone whose work looked natural and I felt listened to my concerns. Andrea is AH-MAZING, she is calming, confident, patient and takes serious pride in her work. She goes with your natural brow line and doesn’t do trendy work. Not having to draw in my brows everyday has literally changed my life! If you are thinking about doing it, do it. After just spending 5 minutes with Andrea and having a consultation your concerns will be gone. She is a perfectionist not to mention the sweetest. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. On top of that 7 of my girlfriends who couldn’t look anything less alike have gotten Andrea to do their brows and they ALL love them, she has a true talent!! Do yourself a favor and call her!
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Andrea is simply outstanding. I began seeing her for my lash extensions, and she has created a natural, full look that I am so happy with! She's professional, takes her time, and safety is a priority. I had had poor experiences at other facilities, and as a physician, finding someone talented and with impeccable attention to detail was critical. More recently, I had Andrea do my brows (microblading). She spent at least an hour designing a perfectly natural shape, took her time with topical numbing medication so I was completely comfortable, and executed a beautiful look. We did a touch-up about a month after the initial treatment, and I couldn't be happier! I used to spend so much time with a poorly matched eyebrow pencil, and now I literally brush my brows each morning and go. I can't believe I didn't do this earlier and couldn't be happier to have found Andrea. She's the best!!
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I LOVE Andrea and I love what she does with my lashes! I didn't have a great experience with lash extensions before I found Andrea and she's done an amazing job babying my lashes back to health! They're stronger than ever. I love the full look that you can get with the lashes Andrea uses... Natural looking but they STAND OUT.
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Andrea, thank you so much for making me a beautiful bride on my wedding day! Andrea spent a lot of time trying on different lengths of lashes on me and I was able to chose the best look for me. I am so grateful for all of Andrea's expertise as a lash artist. Thanks again you’re amazing!
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Andrea has a magic touch. Each lash look is designed specifically for your face shape, features, personality, and presence. Andrea sees me, REALLY sees me. Then creates a lash look that has blown me away every time. She is a shooting star that I would follow anywhere. Not that she's going anywhere. Hermosa Beach: location, location, location. She is on point in everything she does!
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One of the many things I admire about Andrea is her passion to never accept anything less than the best. So when she began walking me into the world of lash extensions I knew I could trust her. I felt pampered and in a strange way nourished. That's what it’s like being around her, she’s like Vitamin C, chamomile tea and warm oatmeal raisin cookies wrapped in one beautiful package.

Where Beauty is Reborn

Andrea Morrison with Client

You receive only the highest standard of treatment at Andrea Atelier. Professionally trained and board certified, the creative force behind this brilliant studio is Andrea Morrison who is a rare breed of creative artisan and disciplined clinician. Her natural gifting and excellent training promotes healing and restores beauty. Andrea’s pursuit of excellence can be seen in every detail of her studio and training.

“My desire is for your spirit to rise with a renewed assurance and confidence.”
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Andrea has a reputation for beautiful natural-looking results, and this sensibility extends to her studios where she has created a nurturing and restorative environment for her guests. Her lovingly-crafted space will allow you to “renaissance yourself” in a tranquil atmosphere permeated by intoxicating natural aromas.

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Permanent Cosmetics FREE

Microblading and/or Shading

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics $550

Eyelash Enhancement

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics $350

Lip Enhancement

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics $550


Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics

Perfection Visit

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics Free

Color Correction

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics $200

Tattoo Removal

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics Treatment $100/Session

Medical Tattooing

Breast Areola and Nipple Repigmentation

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics Treatment

Introductory Rate (Includes Two Sessions)
$450 unilateral
$850 bilateral
Q & A with Andrea
What is Permanent makeup?

A Permanent cosmetic tattoo (or permanent makeup) is a tattoo that deposits particles of colored pigments in the skin. Permanent cosmetic tattoo differs from body art tattoo by the type of pigment used and depth it is placed. Body art uses ink and goes deeper. (Unfavorable permanent makeup is often due to the ink and being deposited too deep). Today’s permanent cosmetic tattoo is performed with micro fine particles of iron oxides which come in a wide range of colors and are known for their stability and nontoxic nature. A cosmetic tattoo will eventually fade, oxidize and exfoliate with time but it can always be freshened up if desired. How quickly or slowly your cosmetic tattoo will fade is dependent on your personal chemistry, lifestyle and the pigments used.

Is it painful?

The tattoo is typically a painless procedure if mastectomy has been done however a topical anesthetic will be used for any sensitivity issues.

How many visits do I need?

The completion requires minimum of two sessions with a healing time of about 6-8 weeks In between. My rate includes both sessions.

How long is the appointment?

For a bitaleral tattoo, first session requires 2.5 to 3.5 hours. Unilateral or one areola nipple will take 1.5 to 2 hours.

Does Insurance cover or pay for tattoo procedure?

Generally, procedure will be paid up front by patient and an Insurance letter will be provided to submit to insurance for possible reimbursement. Coverage is not guaranteed. The letter provided will have CPT or Current Procedural Terminology codes and National Provider Identifier to eliminate confusion. Andrea holds the credential CPCP or Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional which also increases the chance of approval by insurance companies.

How many visits do I need?

The completion requires minimum of two sessions with a healing time of about 6-8 weeks In between. My rate includes both sessions.


Eyebrow Service

Microblading and/or Shading

Board Certified Permanent Cosmetics $550
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Glimmer Classic Lash Sets

Natural Classic Lash Extensions


Lash Volumation & Extensions Service $250

Radiant Hybrid Lash Set

Radiant Lash Set or Full Hybrid Lash Set $265

Lustrous Volume Lash Set

Lustrous Lash Set or Full Volume Lash Set $310

Lash Consultation/Glue Testing

Lash Volumation & Extensions Testing $50

Lash Extension Removal

Lash Extension Service $40

Relash for Any Set*

Up to 40 min $60
60 min $85
75 min $105
90 mins $125
1.75 hr $145
+ 2 hrs $165
*Relash or Lash Fill is charged on an hourly rate. Appropriate time for relashes will be determined by lash stylist after full set is placed when lashes are evaluated.
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Eyelash Services
Lash Tint $30
Curl Perfect Lash Lift – ONLY $95!
Lash Tint & Curl Perfect Lift® $115

Eyelash Enhancement

Permanent Cosmetics $275*

Beauty Renewal

Skin Care Consultation

Beauty Renewal Service $40

Crowning Ceremony

Beauty Renewal Service $40


Beauty Renewal Service $95

Celluma Light Therapy

Beauty Renewal Service $25

Micro Channeling

Beauty Renewal Service


Beauty Renewal Service
*Medical needling with depth greater than .50mm is not performed at Andrea Atelier and does not treat medical skin conditions.


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